What is your 2020-21 school start date?

All PLA network school calendars for the new school year.

PLA Network School Start Date Enrollment Contact 2020-21 Calendar
A+ Arts Academy at Fair Aug. 17 Richard Davis Click here
A+ Arts Academy at Maybury Aug. 17 Selethia Benn Click here
A+ Arts Academy at Napoleon Aug. 17 Jennifer Rishell Click here
George & Veronica Phalen Leadership Academy Aug. 11 Kim Baughman Click here
Higher Institute of Arts & Technology Aug. 10 Jillian Kemp Click here
James & Rosemary Phalen Leadership Academy Aug. 11 Mario Brown Click here
Jones-Clark Elementary Aug. 17 Stephanie Hayes Click here
Louis B. Russell Jr. School 48 Aug. 11 Paula Peterson Click here
Main Preparatory Academy Aug. 19 Rebecca Holthaus Click here
Middlebury Academy Aug. 19 Felicia Woods-Wallace Click here
Phalen Virtual Leadership Academy Aug. 11 Tara Townsend Click here
PLA@93 Aug. 11 Shanice Caldwell Click here
PLA@103 Aug. 11 Orlando Trujillo Click here
Smith Middle School Aug. 17 Andrea Renee Lee Click here
Thea Bowman Leadership Academy K-12 Aug. 17 Marisa Simmons Click here
Timothy L. Johnson Leadership Academy Aug. 10 Dawn Starks Click here
Trix Academy Sept. 8 Detra Coleman Click here