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Blackboard Learn Support for Teachers by School

Lockouts for Blackboard Learn can be assigned to AKA Comp or Van Ausdall in the Ticketing Center for quick resolution. In addition, each school has a Blackboard Learn Trainer. Teachers can connect with the contact below to resolve issues.

Wesley Ziegler wziegler@phalenacademies.org GVPLA IN
Mitch Mosbey mmosbey@phalenacademies.org GVPLA IN
Lisa Schneider lschneider@phalenacademies.org PLA@103 IN
Keri Mohrbach kmohrbach@phalenacademies.org PLA@103 IN
Danielle Burns burnsdn@myips.org PLA@93 Indy
Kathy Herget kcannon@phalenacademies.org PLA@93 Indy
Jen Nagle jnagle@phalenacademies.org JRPLA IN
Nick Jennings njennings@phalenacademies.org JRPLA IN
Megan Smith smithmeg@myips.org PLA#48 IN
Paula Peterson ppeterson@phalenacademies.org 48 IN
Erin Simpson esimpson@phalenacademies.org INDY IN
Amanda Taylor ataylor@phalenacademies.org Regional IS IN
Russ Bedford Bedfordr@greaterheightsacademy.org GHA MI
Rebecca Thomas thomasr@greaterheightsacademy.org GHA MI
Kionna Williams kiwilliams@phalenacademies.org GHA MI
Detra Coleman d.coleman@mecc-academies.org Trix MI
Charlene Long c.long@mecc-academies.org Trix MI
Laura Green lgreen@phalenacademies.org Regional IS MI
Velma Gidury vguidr1@bmtisd.com Smith TX
Melissa Pennington mpennington311@gmail.com Smith TX
Barbara Henry bhenry1@bmtisd.com Smith TX
Karolarnica Adams kadams1@bmtisd.com JC TX
Shermadis Porter sporter@bmtisd.com JC TX
Whiney Allison wallison@phalenacademies.org Regional IS TX
Ladonna Johnson ljohnson1@phalenacademies.org Regional IS TX
Alain Frankiewicz afrankiewicz@phalenacademies.org Regional RD TX
Kaylie Lumbert kaylie.lumbert@tljacademy.org TLJ IN 
Mikael Badgett mikael.badgett@tljacademy.org TLJ IN
Brad Yoder brad.yoder@tljacademy.org TLJ IN
Velisa Davis vdavis@the-hiat.org HIAT IN
Sharida Combs scombs@phalenacademies.org Regional IS NW
Jill Kemp jkemp@phalenacademies.org HIAT NW
Elizabeth Fonte elizabeth.edwards@mainprep.org Main OH
Derek Farley derek.farley@middleburyacademy.org Middlebury OH
Colleen Hanrahan chanrahan@aplusarts.com Fair OH
Sarah Castle scastle@aplusarts.com Fair OH
Shira Lee slee@aplusarts.com Maybury OH
Allison Maloney amaloney@aplusarts.com Napoleon OH
Abby Gaddis agaddis@phalenacademies.org Regional IS OH
Alecia Johnson ajohnson@phalenacademies.org Regional IS OH
Amanda Chamberlain-Bernowski abernowski@phalenacademies.org Regional IS OH
Keana Johnson kjohnson@theabowmanacademy.org TBLA IN
Marisa Simmons msimmons@theabowmanacademy.org TBLA IN
Kisha Lang klang@theabowmanacademy.org TBLA IN
Sharida Combs scombs@phalenacademies.org Regional IS NW